“I have been friends with Sarah since the first grade.  From the young ballerina to the sophisticated dancer to the mature women.  Sarah has always had a natural gift for the art of the body, healing and spirit.  She has hands that find things and work them out.  That is how Sarah has lived her life.  Conquering things by looking within to solve the problem and get the answer.  Sarah has a special touch that has brought her to where she is.  You are in the best of hands, literally.” -Debbie

“I have known Sarah for over nine years.  During this time I have come to recognize the healing power in Sarah’s hands, and the importance reflexology is for my well-being.  Since in Sarah’s care, my plantar fasciitis has disappeared, which did not happen before, in spite of 3 months of prescribed physical therapy.  I look forward to my sessions with Sarah, not only for the therapeutic benefits but for the sunny smile and gentle soul that is Sarah.” -Myra Shendell

“I have always rated self-care and preservation very highly on my list; for me, reflexology is the ultimate remedy.  Not only is it more relaxing to me than a Swedish or Shiatsu massage, I have found over these years that it aids the healing body in many ways.  After visiting numerous reflexologists at Kripalu and high-end spas and having experienced the famed Laura Norman reflexology method, I came across Sarah; that was 5 years ago.  The specific care and attention she gives her clients is amazing and the depth of her knowledge is  outstanding.  She gives the ultimate pampering session that rivals any top NYC spa yet every session is customized and personalized to make you feel taken care of. Thanks Sarah, for all these wonderful years !” -Love, Sonia

“I gladly tell all my friends about Sarah – not as a favor to Sarah, but as a favor to my friends. Anyone lucky enough to experience reflexology from Sarah’s amazing hands will understand what it means to reach Nirvana.” -Best, Mair

“I met Sarah when I was 7 months pregnant and about to go crazy.  I was a salon owner and colorist: and on my feet all day.  My back and hips were killing and extreme swelling in my feet had set in.  Sarah saved me and with her extraordinary talent was able to relieve me for days after a session.  Consequently, I saw sarah often during the end of my pregnancy and owe it to her for getting through to the end.  That was five and a half years ago and there has not been a week that I have not seen Sarah.  I am addicted to her incredible ability to understand the body and heal it .  When you meet someone so truly special you always want them in your life.” -A fan forever, Elizabeth Rubin

“We have the best Sarah story of all, because we met her in another world – someplace we loved but is no longer there -McHale’s.  And it was only upon our quest for the perfect reflexologist that we crossed paths again with Sarah in her world as healer.  To us, who are great believers in karma, it was fate.  Now, we read someone’s else testimonial who said they tell all their friends about Sarah. But we’re not quite that generous – we’re afraid she’ll get TOO popular and we won’t get our time with her! So our favorite gift to the “right” people is an hour with Sarah – and everyone loves us for it afterwards.  We have known Sarah for many years and have been through some trying times in our lives.  But our sessions with Sarah give us the greatest relaxation, relief and reward that anyone could ask for. We’re grateful she is not only our therapist, but our friend.” -Karen & Michael Reinert